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Turquoise and Orange

May 26, 2011

I spotted this super cute napkins and matching apron last weekend and thought I might use them as a jumping off point for our downstairs remodel.  

Then I realized what that we already have many of these same colors throughout our house and it’s tired.  We did the same color scheme at our old house and did everything exactly the same when we moved into this house — five years ago.

I am a sucker for that honeycomb shape.  I’m hoping to use that as inspiration for the tile flooring in our new powder room.

The two colors I can’t get out of my head are turquoise and orange.  I want to paint all the walls in something very neutral and pair these two colors with the new white kitchen cabinetry and dark distressed wood floors.  

Here’s a couple of images that make me swoon.

image found here


Image found here 
image found here
What’s your color scheme now?  In a perfect world, what would you like it to be?

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