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Ten Years Gone - Wendy Will Blog
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Ten Years Gone

July 7, 2011

Ten years.  I can’t believe it’s been 10 YEARS since my husband and I said “I do.” It feels like forever.  But it also feels like yesterday.

I read recently somewhere that we bloggers write a lot about babies and families but we don’t write so much about our marriages.  I guess I don’t because I’ve always kept our relationship pretty private – even with my closest girlfriends.  Also, because my husband deserves some anonymity.  

But he and I have been through some major ups and downs.  Stuff that probably would be best if shared with others.  Not just so we can vent but for advice and guidance.

I dug out an old college essay, written in 2003 – two years into our wedded bliss.  The prompt was “What is love?” The professor was looking for a response reflective of our true experiences.  Mine was titled “Will Work for Love.”  Here’s a couple of horribly written excerpts with my 2011 spin.

“Will Work for Love” [or how about a “hello?”]

Love is simply hard work. Ideally, I would like to believe that love is always rosy and romantic – but realistically – love is demanding. Love is like a newborn baby, screaming for someone to take hold of it, care for it and love it back [Lamest metaphor, ever! I had no idea what newborns needed as I was five years from having my own baby and she sure as hell needed more than that!].

[I describe an unrealistic romantic scenario] 
My husband surprises me by drawing a warm bath [for our kid, not me] laced with [“Cranky and Overtired”] bubble bath. The counter top of the bathroom is adorned with lit candles [or make-up, hair brushes, empty cups, and Advil] and music trickles from the iPod [this is true but it’s “Sing with Barney”].  We’ve polished off a savory meal [chicken nuggets and noodle tubes], which I prepared [naturally], and the dishwasher is humming away quietly [the dishwasher is actually clean and needs to be emptied and the sink is full of dirty dishes]. He gently kisses me on the cheek. I give him a sly wink and unbutton his shirt and then I realize… [that this is a sad fantasy]

[And now here’s our reality]
Instead, it’s more like me rushing home from the dog park with our under-exercised pooch [poor dog doesn’t get to go to the dog park anymore, let alone a walk around the neighborhood.  Add flying a kite, riding a scooter, playing “Dora” with our 3-year-old and now you have my typical afternoon], just in time to grunt hellos with my husband, whip up some leftovers [check], and retire – he in front of the television and me with my homework [iPhone.  And some things never change].

[Finally, the pièce de résistance]
I see love as two separate spinning tops, but with hard work, the two rotating tops have the potential to spin together in perfect sync [excuse me, I have throw up in my mouth].

Here’s the deal.  I got an A on this crap paper.  But, I meant what I wrote about love being hard work.  Damn, add marriage and children to that and it can be a downright struggle somedays.  He’s a good guy though.  Scratch that, he’s a great guy, who has stuck by me in sickness and in health and in good times and bad.  Our marriage deserves to be written about!

Here’s to another ten!

The blog moved! Click to join us at Wendy-Nielsen.com

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