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July 30, 2011

life rearrangedEons ago I downloaded Instagram on my busted up iPhone but never used it.  I do this with a lot of apps.  Do you?

Anyway, I finally started using it and I’m kind of falling in love with it.  So, thank goodness my friend Lindsey over at the Modchik posted about the Insta-Friday meme at Life Rearranged.  

And now, besides Twitter, I have somewhere to share my favorites from the week.

My little lefty doing her best Lita Ford.
Uh oh, I’m in trouble.
On loan from my Dad. Love.

Vintage knobs from New York Hardware.
I’m so utterly in love with these door knobs.
Upon first look this reminds me of jars filled
with eyeballs in some laboratory. But it’s just more knobs.

Carousel at sun down.

The orange balloon at the Great Park/OC Blog Crush event.

She had to hair a pair of flippers like mine so she made them. Love.

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