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Eyedews – My First Ever Product Review VLOG!

August 2, 2011

I have a three-year-old, I write blog posts late into the morning hours, and we are currently remodeling a major part of our house.  

You might say the lack of a good night’s sleep and the stress is starting to show on my face.  Especially, my under my eyes.  And the concealer isn’t quite cutting it.

Ta-Da!  Eyedews – The Natural Under Eye Treatment showed up in my mailbox last week and I couldn’t get them into the refrigerator quick enough!  If you don’t yet know about Eyedews, they are a single step regimen that correct those pesky under eye annoyances.  What appeals to me is what they are made of natural ingredients: vitamins, purified water, aloe, and lavender!


Watch as I try them out!  I apologize in advance for not wearing any makeup!  I sure could have used some mascara.  And an eyebrow pencil.  Enjoy.

Me and my Eyedews hit the couch, caught a bit of Big Brother, and sent a few tweets out.  Watch next on what I thought about my experience.

I want to say thanks to the lovely and hilarious Surferwife for sharing this wonderful product with me!  If you are headed to BlogHer be sure to find Surferwife as she’ll have samples to hand out!  She’ll be tweeting (@surferwife) live about where she’s at during the convention and which parties she’ll be at in the evenings — with Eyedews in tow!  

I might have to snag another pack for myself!

Disclosure: I did receive a free three pack of Eyedews to review.  This is my personal and honest review of this specific product.  I liked it.  And so will you. 

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