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August 5, 2011

life rearranged

This is my new favorite meme.  Here you have it…this week’s Instagram photos.  It’s been a busy week.
The calling card I’m hopefully handing out at BlogHer.

Oh, Dave.  How rad is he?

I remember vividly listening to
Ten on my portable CD walkman.
I still love track five,

This girl is perfection.  And I like her music too.

Our backyard sunflowers have finally started to bloom.

Our pumpkin plants are growing!  I hope we have pumpkins by Halloween.
Or at least Halloween 2012. 

New sink installed in the new kitchen.
Two more weeks until it’s functional.
Saturday morning at the playground with my girl.

Paint selections for the house.
Sadly, Potter’s Clay didn’t make the cut.

Breakfast, it’s what’s for dinner.
Did you download the Instagram app yet?  What are you waiting for?  Start snapping.

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