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Good/Bad/Fab - BlogHer Edition - Wendy Will Blog
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Good/Bad/Fab – BlogHer Edition

August 14, 2011

This is the second in a duo of BlogHer recaps.  So, if you have no idea what BlogHer is, then you should read this first.  Bloggers, you should consider this recap for you!

My adorable IRL friend (even though we won’t officially meet IRL until BlogHer ’12) Mommy’s Fabulous used to do a fun meme called Good/Bad/Fab and I loved participating.  So, I asked if I could do a BlogHer edition and she kindly agreed!

BlogHer – The Good

1. The friends!  Two kick-ass roomies who didn’t snore and told me I looked cute when I got dressed up, Maegan and Nicole, were the cat’s pajamas!  Ashley (also known as “a good pick up” – thanks for that Maegan) and the lovely and talented Amber were great wine companions and they know how to shake what their mama gave them too.  These ladies made my weekend – MUAH!  

2.  The swag.  Let’s be honest, it was pretty cool to bring home like eight bags of free stuff.  Now, I didn’t leave with an iPad like some people but I got a cool rug and a bottle of Skinnygirl Margarita.  That ain’t bad, I guess.

3.  The education.  Nap Warden and Scary Mommy BROUGHT IT at the session they paneled.  Such fantastic advice on blog design.  All I keep hearing in my head is that the side bars are “great real estate” and not to fill it with crap!  Duly noted.

4.  The parties.  Sparklecorn was seriously so much fun.  My pal Courtney tweeted this yesterday: 

BlogHer – The Bad

1.  The exclusivity.  I don’t mean the private parties, though getting a makeover would have been a blast, right?  I’m talking about the blogging cliques.  It’s just so junior high school and I don’t want anything to do with it.  I catch myself getting caught up in the drama, asking myself why I don’t fit into a particular crowd and I just have to stop and take a look at the relationships I am fostering and know how great those ones are!

2.  The education.  I know I listed this in the good category too but some of the sessions I attended were downright boring.  I went to the Twitterholics session hoping to learn more about how I can use Twitter to broaden readership and all we talked about was Kim Kardashian.  #truestory

3.  Missing out.  I really wish I would have went to Opening Remarks, the Community Keynote, and Closing Keynote.  Next year: less swag collecting and attend more presentations!  That’s the point, isn’t it?

4.  The snubs.  Yes, it happens.  That is all I have to say about it.

BlogHer – The Fab

1.  Meeting Mama Kat!  And she probably thinks I’m a huge weirdo because I told her “your skin is so pretty” as I practically touched her hair.  Shoot me now.  Still embarrassed.  But, she’s following me on Twitter now!  Score one for me.

2.  It has taken days for me to process all that was BlogHer.  It really got my brain spinning on what I want and what I can do with blogging.  I love the possibilities it can (and WILL) bring!

3. The giggles.  I haven’t laughed so hard in such a long, long time.  It was incredibly therapeutic for my soul.  This is what I might miss most from that weekend.

4.  And finally, again, the friendships.  I can’t say more about it!  Except, there are tons of people I didn’t get a chance to meet or hang out with more — and you know who you are!

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