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A Very Reasonable Plea

February 1, 2012

The following is by far the best response I’ve read regarding the explosive ending between The Komen Foundation for the Cure and Planned Parenthood. It comes from the blog of Dr. Susan Love. I think she has a very reasonable plea.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do Only Some Lives Matter?

The Komen Foundation for the Cure has announced it will no longer give grants to provide breast exams and mammograms through Planned Parenthood affiliates. Komen states that this has nothing to do with the “Right to Life” but rather the fact that Planned Parenthood is being investigated. According to the New York Times the investigation is by a conservative Republican who was urged to act by anti-abortion groups. This is sad. Investigation does not mean guilt. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Pro-choice should be just that. The woman gets to choose—to choose where the money she sweated through runs and walks to raise should be spent! Pro-life should mean not just the lives of babies, but also the lives of women! This is not an either or situation.

Patrick Hurd is the CEO of Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Virginia, a recipient of a 2010 grant from Komen. He is also the husband of a breast cancer survivor who is the veteran of several Komen fundraising races. As he told the Associated Press: “Cancer doesn’t care if you’re pro-choice, anti-choice, progressive, conservative, victims of cancer could care less about people’s politics.”

Rather than putting politics into the breast cancer movement, lets rise above the political divisions and work together. Let’s redirect all the money that will be spent on investigating Planned Parenthood into funding studies looking to find the cause and prevent the disease once and for all. Let’s redirect our anger to making mammograms unnecessary because we know how to prevent the disease.

Do you think the needs of cancer patients are being overlooked and disregarded for the political agendas of those involved?  Mind you, breast cancer remains incurable.