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SwimSuit Season | Join the Competition

April 17, 2012

Guess what I’m seeing popping up all over Pinterest and at my local mall? I can’t even escape them at Target. Bathing suits! I might be having a panic attack. We’ve finally passed Easter and I know that swimsuit season is rapidly approaching. If you are a regular reader here you probably know my aversion to getting into a bathing suit. I hate them. Well, no that’s not totally true. It’s more like I hate the body that’s in the bathing suit.


Why must the unattainable taunt me at every turn?

So every summer we take an family and friend trip out to the desert. It’s like 115 degrees out there during that time of year and the options are to get in the pool or sit in the air conditioned hotel room. Guess where I like to spend my days. But it’s just not possible to hide out all day. That trip is in two months. Also on the calendar this year is a trip of a lifetime. My husband and I will be vacationing in Bali in September. There will be some sight-seeing but I bet most days we’ll be beaching it. I just cannot fathom taking a trip like that and being miserable the entire time because my fat ass is…well, just that.


I may not exactly look like this but certainly feel like it.

Those trips should be incentive enough, right? But weirdly they are not. Those miserable feelings don’t always motivate me. I’ve been thinking that I need a carrot. Something that makes me want to get into the gym five days a week. I need The Biggest Loser – SAHM edition.  That’s it!! I need a competitor and some healthy competition.


Holy hell, Helen Mirren is 66! Kate birthed 8 (yes, I know she had a tummy tuck). And Kate Winslet is smokin'! Looking like any of these women would be a very happy medium.

You’ve heard of people at the office who have these kinds of competitions for money, yes? And someone ends up losing a ton of weight because they are now riding a bike 20 miles to and from work. Or they are using their lunch hour to work out. Well, I’m thinking that a competition like that can happen right here. On this little blog. With you all who are interested in participating. For cash money. It could work, couldn’t it?  I may even have another awesome incentive too!

Whose with me?  Who wants to put their money where their mouth is, drop some pounds, have some fun, and walk away a winner — and looking good while you do it?  Comment below to tell me you’re IN and we’ll kick this competition into high gear!