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Comfort Food
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Comfort Food

May 8, 2012

Today is the one-week mark since kicking off the #iwillrockthis weight-loss challenge! I absolutely love the group of women who decided to join the competition. We talk all the time exchanging support, ideas, and recipes. It’s been so super great. Today, though, I’m fearful that many of us might feel ultra-defeated because it’s our first official weigh-in since the challenge started. For me personally, I’m trying to remember that we are all different and we are all following different diet and exercise plans.

Wendy Will Blog
With that said, I KNOW I definitely will not be ranked in the top 10 with the biggest percentage of weight lost. While I started strong – counting calories, crazy cardio, and working out with a trainer – I ended the week on a very low note.

It started Sunday night when I treated myself to a cookie, or two, with the promise that Monday I would be back on track especially because Tuesday morning was weigh-in day. That kind of late night weakness is usually where every other diet has gone to shit. And that damn promise to myself. I promise I’ll be good tomorrow. I promise I’ll work out harder tomorrow. Does anyone else make these promises?

Yesterday started out like any other Monday morning. But, I was off. Instead of kicking the day off with a smoothie or something that would give me some lasting energy, I opted for a bagel and coffee. First bad choice. I was rushing to get out of the house and trying to corral the 4 year old who always seems to have other plans and wants to battle at the most inappropriate times. The vet appointment we had turned into a two hour shit storm. I was stressed out and livid at the news from the vet (but that’s an entirely different post) , irritated that my kid wasn’t cooperating during the appointment, and bothered that the doctor seemed annoyed that I had my kid in tow. Deep breaths. On the drive home I secretly wanted my girl to say she wanted Chik Fil A for lunch because I was ready to ditch my “no drive-thru edict” for a crispy chicken sandwich.

And then it hit me…when my life feels out of control I seek comfort through eating. Truth be told, I’ve kind of known this about myself for a long time. But it was crystal clear today.


Did this realization stop me from pigging out when we finally got home? No. I should have just made myself lunch but I ripped open a package of cookies, a chocolate bar, tortilla chips, a Twinkie, and a shit ton of almonds (which are supposed to be reserved for my healthy snacks). All that junk made me feel like crap. And I was still reeling from the vet appointment. I didn’t know what to do with myself or how to manage my emotions. It was such a bizarre day. To top it off, I got hit will the guilt stick which left me in a funk all night.

Do you ever have days like this? How do you manage?

Later this week I’ll have the results of the week one weigh-in!

The blog moved! Click to join us at Wendy-Nielsen.com

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Mama Bub May 8, 2012 at 8:42 am

1. The most stressed I have ever been in the last few months was with both of my children at the vet. What IS it about that place? Also, my vet moves veeery slowly, so it just compounds things.

2. I am so an emotional eater. Really, I’m just an eater. I like food when I’m happy and sad and as a reward. When I read your list of foods up there, I was JEALOUS that I didn’t have the same experience. So yeah, I’ve got some food issues to overcome.


Wendy May 8, 2012 at 11:07 am

I’m the same way! I need to completely break the cycle of rewarding myself with food. I’m already saying that when this thing is over I plan to celebrate with food! Argh! I’m glad someone else can relate.


Heidi May 8, 2012 at 10:27 am

Don’t worry… everyone has those days. I am definately an emotional eater. When my kids stress me out I turn to chocolate or chips and cheese. Those are my weaknesses. I have a friend who says when you have those crappy moments pick up the phone and call a friend to vent or get out your frustration… she does that instead of picking up food. I am going to try and do that the next time I am having one of those moments. Maybe that will help me out instead of the food which always give me guilt. :-) Keep up the good work with working out and eating healthier!!


Wendy May 8, 2012 at 11:08 am

Thanks for the support Heidi! Love having you on board with this! And you know my phone number!


Nicole May 8, 2012 at 3:54 pm

1. What the heck is a guilt stick?
2. STOP IT RIGHT NOW! OK, so you went a little overboard. Yesterday has officially become your cheat day for the week. It’s over, done with, on to the next one.
3. WTF ARE YOU DOING? Get that crap OUT OF THE HOUSE THIS INSTANT!!! That crap is just not healthy. Don’t put that stuff in your system! J’s dumba** friend thought it would be funny to TwinkieBomb us on a road trip and do you know that cream filling ATE THE PAINT OFF OUR CAR!!!


Kelly May 8, 2012 at 8:34 pm

Oh girl! I feel your pain! It’s so hard not to turn to what brings us comfort when life throws us curveballs. And I am the queen of “I’ll get back on track tomorrow…” Remember to cut yourself some slack during the stressful moments and make yourself get back on track at the next snack, meal, or whatever it is. I keep telling myself that I am not operating on a day by day basis anymore because it doesn’t work for me. I have to operate on a meal by meal basis taking everything literally one meal/snack at a time and then it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Hugs!!!

By the way, did you know my husband owns a Chick-fil-A here in TN?!? We LOVE LOVE LOVE the company and everything it stands for.


Jackie May 9, 2012 at 7:29 am

We all have bad days… but the good part is that you realized it and really figured out that you’re an emotional eater. I think that this challenge will help all of us realize some of our bad habits and work towards fixing them and together we can do it!


Caryn Bailey May 9, 2012 at 12:39 pm

Carbs are my comfort food….I go back and forth between eating those foods when I’m stressed or having a bad day and not eating at all…..I am still working on the challenge with you all!


Ann Odle May 10, 2012 at 3:52 pm

I’m so far behind now! At least I managed to pull off 0% for the first week (pretty good since my week included ice cream!). Thanks so much for setting this all up and for all the support (from you and the rest of our little group!)


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