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Howard Stern | HEY NOW! - Wendy Will Blog
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Howard Stern | HEY NOW!

May 15, 2012

I have never-ever watched America’s Got Talent. Never. While I love reality-competition shows, I just don’t love stupid human tricks, dance troops, kooky singers, magicians, or Howie Mandel. But, this year is totally different because the’ve got a new host: HOWARD STERN!


So, Howard is totally one of my celebrity crushes. I can’t put my finger on exactly why but I think he is hilarious, honest, and interesting. I adore him.

I really started listening to the Howard Stern Show religiously back in 1999 when he was still on terrestrial radio. Howard, Robin, Artie, and Fred were always on from my bathroom where I got ready each morning to the car dial during my ride to work. I hated when I had to get out of the car before an interview was over or if Howard hadn’t finished one of his stories. This was also when his radio show aired on E! in the late evening. I listened in the morning and then eventually got to see those episodes when they finally aired on television. It was great. Then terrestrial radio took a dive and Howard went to satellite. That Christmas, I got a Sirius Satellite Radio subscription and was up very early the first day Howard took to satellite radio.

All of this though was pre-child. My Howard listening days are few and far between. I do listen On-Demand occasionally but it’s just not the same, you know?

So, Howard Stern on my television every Monday night is a treat. And while he seems pretty tame so far in comparison to what we’d get from his radio studio, I’ll take it.  What I like so far about America’s Got Talent is that NBC is showing a ton of behind the scenes conversations between him, Howie, and Sharon  (I will never forget  Sharon Osbourne and Insane Clown Posse go at it years ago on Howard’s show).

Did you watch Monday’s episode of AGT?  One of the best parts was when the little girl singing with her own dad asked Howard what happened with his dad?  Or when all the hosts were riding a wonky elevator?  You could totally see Howard’s quirky fears come to life.  Knowing so much about Howard from the years of listening to him on air makes his fans feel like we’re in on the jokes during the show.  So far, it’s great fun.  I’m just waiting for Howard to say ““WNNNNNNBC.”

Are you a fan of Howard?  Gimme a “Hey Now!”

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ericav April 4, 2011 at 9:00 pm

Holy crap, this is my ugly-crush too! I've been listening to Howard since I was in high school- like, 17 years now? I even watched his Channel 9 show when he was pushing SNAPPLE! That is a long time:)

Anyway, I love him on Sirius. I make at least one Stern show reference a day… and now that I can listen to him online and on my iPhone? LOVE!

Girl, we are KIN.

PS- me and Howard share the same b-day, and while I may not be as neurotic as he is, I think we share a lot of the same Capricorn qualities!


Nat May 15, 2012 at 9:52 pm

I’m not a Howard lover or a Howard hater- just haven’t really gotten into him. I did, however, catch him reviewing the father/daughter duet last night and I have to say…. I was impressed. He did a much better job than I thought he would!


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