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My Casting Picks for Fifty Shades of Grey | Updated - Wendy Will Blog
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My Casting Picks for Fifty Shades of Grey | Updated

June 25, 2012

I finally finished Fifty Shades of Grey and – in my opinion – the absolute best part of the book came at page 506.

“Well, you are one fucked-up son of a bitch.”
“Ana,” he pleads, shocked.
“Don’t you dare ‘Ana’ me!  You need to sort your shit out, Grey!”  And with that, I turn stiffly, and I walk out of the playroom, closing the door quietly behind me.”

If I were Ana, I totally would have thrown in a “Laters, baby” before I closed the door!


Naturally, I’ve started book two in the trilogy. I will admit I’m interested in finding out even more about Grey and why he’s so mental. And I’m really hoping Ana stays at arms length for at least some time.

With that, I was SO wrong with my casting picks for Fifty Shades of Grey!  While I still give a slight edge to Chris Hemsworth – and I think because he is who I envisioned early on with book one – I would also consider casting Alex Skarsgard, Matt Bomer, or Taylor Kitsch as Christian Grey.


I don’t know much about Skarsgard and I’m sure I’m one of very few who doesn’t watch True Blood but I like his sinister look.  Bomer is on some random USA Network show that I haven’t seen either.  But, he also plays a stripper in Magic Mike, so perhaps he’s down for getting naked in Fifty Shades of Grey!  Kitsch has been in a couple of bombs lately and I just read that he was uncomfortable in the sex scenes with Blake Lively in the upcoming Savages.  Well, we certainly can’t have our lead character uncomfortable in the sex scenes, can we?  Maybe he’d make a good Elliot Grey.

I’m definitely not feeling Ian Somerhalder or Ryan Gosling.  Somerhalder has a pair of intense eyes but I guess I just picture someone less pretty.  And Gosling – maybe if they made this movie ten years ago.  If you want to see Ryan in a psudeo-creepy-sex role, check out Blue Valentine.


And boy was I wrong, wrong, WRONG about Anastasia Steele!  Initially, I pictured her as a dumpy and insecure — my apologies to the beautiful and talented Lena Dunham.  Maybe mousey is a better adjective for Ana.  As far as brunettes go – and I feel they definitely need to cast a true brunette – I like Allison Williams from HBO’s Girls or Willa Holland formerly of The O.C. and Judy Blume’s upcoming Tiger Eyes.casting-ana-steele-fifty-shades

I do not want to see Kristen Stewart as Ana.  No, no, no!  My apologies to the hardcore Twilight fans.


The question of casting Fifty Shades continues.

Do you think Fifty Shades of Grey will even be made into a movie?

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Jeena June 25, 2012 at 10:37 am

Ok, I gotta say that you are all wrong about Ian Somerhalder. He could really take that character and make it his own. I have watched him as Damon in the VD since season 1 and he is perfect for the role. I do have to say that your other choices are just as good. I also like your Ana choices. I don’t want to see Kristen as Ana, although the original story was called Master of the Universe and it was a Twilight Fanfiction story that thousands of fans read and enjoyed way before it became a book. I am looking forward to seeing who is finally chosen………


Wendy June 25, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Thanks for the comment Jeena!!
Maybe I’ll need to look into Ian’s work a little bit more. I did like him when he was on Lost!


Stefanie June 25, 2012 at 12:20 pm

I hope so because at this rate it’s most likely I’ll see the movie before I finish the book! I like the brunette guy, bottom left corner…don’t know his name but for some reason when I saw that pic it just made sense. Hope he’s not the one who is afraid of sex scenes! And I agree with your top two choices for Ana. I really need to finish this book!


Wendy June 25, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Matt Bomer! Hot, right? He’s close second for me as Christian Grey!


Katy June 25, 2012 at 4:45 pm

I’m with Stef that the movie may be out before I finish! I’m literally on page 25 of the book so I haven’t formed much of a picture in my mind of Christian Grey or Ana yet. I’ll let you know when one of these stands out to me. I happen to be the slowest reader on the planet though so it could be awhile. I’m hoping to get to the “I can’t put the book down” part sooner than later!


Ashley @ It's Fitting June 25, 2012 at 7:22 pm

I have a new love for CG. Alex Pettyfer. He’s young, broody, chiseled and pretty damn hot… Check out his headshot on imdb! And also in Magic Mike! Which apparently I must see. I’m still skeptical that FSoG will evr get made, but hey… A girl can dream. Although honestly? I might like the version in my head a whole lot better.


Sara @ Periwinkle Papillon June 25, 2012 at 8:06 pm

This movie will never be made, hold on – wait… it will be made but as to video and never in theatre release. I LOVE your pick for Ana with Allison Williams. She’s perfect.
Skaarsgard is too old, in my opinion.
Nobody else comes to mind though… I wonder what the Vegas odds are?


Nicole June 25, 2012 at 8:39 pm

I haven’t read any of the books yet; however from what I’ve heard I imagine Alexander Skarsgard. Good pick!


Carolyn West June 25, 2012 at 10:18 pm

Definitely Ian Somerhalder – I just think he’s perfect. Christian Grey HAS to be too pretty and I don’t think any other actor fits the bill right now. Plus, he needs to be young and many of the great looking actors are older. I’m pretty open for Ana, as long as it’s NOT Kristin Stewart. She is not at all what I pictured. I think she needs to be really pretty but not over the top gorgeous. I don’t think Kristin is all that pretty.


Kahtleen June 26, 2012 at 10:54 am

I loved all your buzzer finds. Another buzzer male lead to add, which pairs with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison.

Thumbs up to your female lead choices. It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.


Steph Calvert June 27, 2012 at 10:31 am

I haven’t read the books yet so the best I can contribute is all I read when you type Matt Bomer is boner. BOOIOIOIOING!


Jennifer D June 27, 2012 at 8:10 pm

My Christian HAS to be Ian! He is exactly what I pictured reading the books! Although Matt is so handsome, he’s gay in real life and for some reason I wouldn’t want to know my CG is in no way really ‘into it’ on screen, lol! I completely agree with the ‘girls’ actress!


Rebecca June 30, 2012 at 9:15 am

Since I am reading the books for the second time, I can only picture Henry Cavill as Christian and Alexandra Daddario as Anastasia. they fit the description the books give to perfection.


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