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What Wendy Reads

Life, Beyond the Bandaids

An evolving blog from my friend Maegan who gives readers a place to learn and discover. She also hosts a weekly podcast show at Beyond the Bandaids Radio where I may or may not have once been a guest!

Mama Bub

She’s an Orange County Mom to Bub and Bubette and a real life friend! I love her new “question and answer” posts she’s been doing lately and you don’t want to miss her adorable crafty projects either!

It’s Fitting

Ashley is an urban girl turned farmer!  She writes about her chickens, her boy, and her passion for sustainable food.  She’s also working on her photography and shares it often!  And she’s another real life friend of mine!

Mommy’s Fabulous

E is my east coast hair twin.  She writes a lifestyle, humor, and parenting blog and I adore everything about her.  I know her and I will meet someday soon – hopefully summer 2012!

Periwinkle Papillon

Sara is so smart.  SO smart.  She writes about loss and she hates cancer probably as much as I do.






The blog moved! Click to join us at